Services for Industrial equipment

No matter where you manufacture your industrial equipment, QPS can assist you with market access to the USA and Canada.

Exporting equipment to the USA and Canada
Industrial equipment manufactured in Europe often has a high degree of innovative technology. These products are exported to countries around the world, including the USA and Canada. A Proof of Compliance with local standards is necessary for the local regulatory authorities. Local utilities and regulatory authorities throughout the USA and Canada recognise and accept the QPS Mark and Label as evidence of compliance with the required safety standards. The QPS Mark/Label is also a visible guarantee for your customers, distributors and authorities throughout the USA and Canada that your industrial equipment has been tested and certified. 

We offer you testing and certification services for a variety of industrial equipment, including:

  • Cranes/Hoists
  • Industrial control equipment/assemblies
  • Machinery (conveyors, robot units, etc.)
  • Motor-operated equipment
  • Motors and generators
  • Power conversion equipment
  • Renewable energy systems: windmill generators and photovoltaic systems
  • Transformers