The wide range of services which can be provided by QPS have been conveniently separated into the categories listed below.

  • Testing
  • Product Certification
  • Field Evaluation
  • Explosive Atmosphere
  • Industrial equipment
  • Medical and Laboratory equipment
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Global Markets Access

Where to Start

The process of obtaining approval for your product can seem quite daunting, especially if you are doing it for the first time. The key to successful approval is to start early by discussing your needs with our office at +31 85 00 30 144, or complete the on-line Request a Quote or Call Back form.

Be prepared to answer some common questions, such as:

  • In which country/countries you intend to sell your product?
  • Do you manufacture your product, or do you only distribute it?
  • Where is the product manufactured?
  • Are you seeking approval for a limited quantity or for mass production?
  • Is a marketing/sales brochure describing the product available?
  • Do you have supporting material such as drawings, schematics, wiring diagrams?
  • Are all the components used in the product certified by an accredited certification body?
  • Has the product been tested before, and is a test report available?

Ask for a pre-compliance review

Before submitting the product for final approval, take advantage of our Technical Assistance Service.
Our technical experts will:

Carry out a pre-compliance review and assessment of your product to determine any gaps. This will enable you to fix any deficiencies prior to making any costly production or marketing commitments.
Provide training for you engineering staff to help you design compliance into the product.

Pre-test your product

Testing the product before you commit to production is another way that can help you identify problems that might delay the approval process.
An additional benefit of pre-testing, if conducted by QPS, is that the test results may be used later in the approval process, provided the requirements haven't changed.