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ATEX Certification

QPS Europe B.V. ATEX Notified Body under Number 2876.

QPS Europe B.V. is accredited by the Dutch Counsel of Accreditation (RvA): Link.

In many instances, EU-Type Examination certification by an ATEX Notified Body (NB) is required to demonstrate compliance.

Typically, the certification process consists of the following steps:

  • Testing a sample of the product to the applicable EN standard
  • Conducting an assessment of the manufacturer’s quality system
  • Issuing a Type Test Report and Certificate
  • Issuing a Quality Assessment Notification (QAN) related to the quality assurance system

Unit Verification

You may use Unit Verification if you are shipping only one or a limited number of units to the EU. This service option involves examining the construction of the individual unit of equipment to verify it complies with ATEX specifications and the applicable EN harmonized standard, without being concerned about meeting quality assurance requirements.

ATEX program information

For the following subjects, please contact info.qpseurope@applus.com or call: +31 85 00 30 144

  • Evaluation Procedures and Rules
  • Financial support and Fees
  • Rights and Duties of applicants and clients
  • Complaints and appeals
  • Product Directory
  • Request for Quotation form


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